Armstrong Flooring S-599 ChoiceStrong Adhesive DATA SHEET

Discontinued 2/7/22

Caution Eye and Skin Irritant


S-599 ChoiceStrong Flooring Adhesive SDS

For Use With

Product Information

TypeWater-based resin
ColorCreamy beige
TaggantsYes- blue glitter
Trowelfine notch (1/32″ deep, 1/16″ wide, 5/64″ apart), U-notch
Coverage250–300 sq. ft./gallon (23-28 sq. m.)
Units1 gallon (3.78 L) and 4 gallon (15.14 L)
Open TimePorous subfloors: Set-in-wet: Minimum 10-20 minutes
Nonporous subfloors: Dry-to-touch: 30 minutes or more
Working TimeUp to 1 hour (working times may vary based on job conditions, temperature, humidity, air circulation, etc.)
Shelf Life2 year, unopened
Freeze/Thaw StableYes, to 10°F (-12° C)
VOC Content< 14 g/L; calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1168
Clean UpWet– clean, white cloth with neutral detergent and water
Dry– clean, white cloth and mineral spirits
SubfloorsAll grade levels of concrete, existing resilient floors, ceramic, terrazzo, marble, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polymeric poured floors and suspended woodRadiant Heated subfloors where the surface temperature does not exceed 85° F (29° C)
AdvantagesFor Full Spread and Perimeter Plus Systems
Moisture and alkali resistant
Strong, early grab
AGIS Guarantee
Nonflammable, ammonia-free and low odor
Contains low or no organic solvents
Manufacturing LocationUSA
Carton Item No.1-gallon – 00599408
4-gallon – 00599418
3.78L – 00599408
15.14L – 00599418
Item/Carton UPC1-gallon – 0-42369-35011-2 (Resale)
1-gallon – 10042369350119 (4 per carton)
4-gallon – 0-42369-35010-5 (order individually)
3.78L –0-42369-35689-3 (Resale)
3.78L –10042369356890 (4 per carton)
15.14L – 0-42369-35688-6 (order individually)
Carton Weight1-gallon – 36 lbs.
4-gallon – 34 lbs.
3.78L – 36 lbs.
15.14L – 34 lbs.
Items per Carton1-gallon – Sold packaged 4/ carton
4-gallon – Containers sold individually
3.78L – Sold packaged 4/carton
15.14L – Containers sold individually
Cartons per Pallet1-gallon – 45
4-gallon – 48
3.78L – 45
15.14L – 48


When Armstrong S-599 ChoiceStrong is used with a recommended Armstrong floor application, the Armstrong Guaranteed Installation System warranty applies.


LEED Credits: EQ 4.1
Sustainable Design Information
LEED Credit Information – Installation Products

Recommended Substrates

Will bond to all substrates listed below but refer to flooring installation system for specific installation recommendations:

DO NOT USE OVER: Concrete with excessive moisture and/or alkali; existing cushion-backed resilient flooring; substrates treated with fire-retardant chemicals, fungicides, preservatives, release agents, adhesive removers, sealers, curing compounds or other incompatible treatments

Application Instructions

  • Condition the area to be installed, adhesive, and flooring to minimum 65o F (18o C) for 48 hours before, during, and for 48 hours after installation.
  • Subfloor must be smooth, sound, dry, clean, and free of dirt, wax, polish, paint, and all other foreign matter which may interfere in a good bond, including curing agents and sealers.
  • Always run a moisture and alkali test over concrete on any grade level or any other substrate over on- or below-grade concrete. For accurate results, curing agents must be removed in areas where tests will be run. Calcium Chloride test results should not exceed 5 pounds/1000 sq ft/24 hours, relative humidity in-situ probe results should not exceed 90%. Alkali readings should be 5 to 9.
  • Stir any liquid on the surface into the adhesive and full spread using the recommended trowel notching.
  • Before installing over nonporous surfaces, allow adhesive to set open until dry to the touch (tacky but no transfer to fingers), approximately 30 minutes. Before installing over porous surfaces, allow the adhesive to set open, minimum 10-20 minutes but not become dry to the touch (Set in wet).
  • After appropriate open time, install floor. Within 60 minutes, cut and fit carefully, as flooring cannot be repositioned. Working time will vary based on job conditions, substrate, temperature, and humidity.
  • Roll flooring in both directions with a 100 lb. roller staying 2″ away from seams. Hand roll seams and seal as recommended.
  • Remove wet adhesive residue using a clean, white cloth dampened with soapy water. Use mineral spirits for dried adhesive residue carefully following warnings on container.
  • Newly installed flooring should not be exposed to rolling load traffic for at least 72 hours after installation to allow setting and drying of the adhesive.

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Updated on October 28, 2022