Armstrong Flooring S-500 Seam Coating Kit For Residential Sheet DATA SHEET & APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS


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S-500 Seam Coating Kit SDS

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Product Information

Type2 part urethane seam coating kit
Coverage50 – 60 lineal feet per kit
UnitsOne kit contains:
Part A – seam coating (14.5g)
Part B – seam coating accelerator and deglosser (4.5g)
Mixing bottle
Applicator tip (Cap color changing from white to black)
Open TimeNone recommended
Working Time3 hours
Dry TimeTraffic allowed on seam after 3 hours
Clean UpWet (within 1 minute of application) – Wipe up with a clean white cloth dampened with lighter fluid(naptha)

Dry – See “Repairing Coated Seams” section below
Shelf Life1 year, unopened
Freeze/Thaw StableNo, keep from freezing
VOC ContentPart A: 60.9%
Part B: 77.8%
Size1 kit1 kit
Item No.FP00500121FPS-500121
Carton UPCE/S – 1 00 42369 85431 0E/F – 1 00 42369 85432 7
Item Dimensions7.5” L x 3.0” W x 1.25” H19.2 cm L x 7.6 cm W x 3.2 cm H
8″ L x 6.5″ W x 8.25″ H8″ L x 6.5″ W x 8.25″ H
Carton Weight4 lbs1.8 kg
Items per Carton12
Carton features perforated opening to serve as shelf tray
Carton features perforated opening to serve as shelf tray
Cartons per Pallet108108
Gross Pallet Weight474 lbs215 kg

Application Instructions

Preparing the Seam
After the flooring has been installed and the seams are firmly bonded and rolled, clean adhesive residue from the seam area using a clean, white cloth dampened with detergent and water. Avoid the use of solvents as they may contribute to staining at the seam area. Be sure seam and surrounding areas are dry before beginning the seam coating procedure.

Mixing Part A(Coating) with Part B(Accelerator) Preparation
Each applicator bottle contains enough Part B Accelerator to mix with 14.5 grams of Part A Coating. The entire contents of both bottles must be mixed together to get the proper cure. Mix components over scrap material or newspaper to protect from spills.

Step 1: Gently shake container of Part A for approximately 5 seconds. Pour entire contents of Part A into the Part B bottle.
Step 2: Shake vigorously for 1 – 2 minutes until there is no residue visible in the Part B bottle.
Step 3: Pour mixed contents into the applicator bottle.
Step 4: Carefully cut no more than 1/32″ from the tip of the applicator nozzle and attach it to the applicator bottle. The coating is usable for approximately 60 minutes.


  • Practice applying the coating on scrap material to get a consistent 1/8″ wide bead of coating.
  • Tilt the applicator to an angle of about 30 degrees while applying coating.
  • Do not attempt to insert the nozzle into seam.
  • Apply 1/8″ wide bead of coating centered on top of seam.

The seam coater cures within 2-3 hours, so use of protective covers may not be needed. If coated seams are covered, however, be sure that protective covers do not touch the seam coating. Cardboard cores from vinyl sheet flooring make excellent protective covers when cut in half lengthwise to form a “tunnel”. Place protective covers over the seam areas and secure in place with paper masking tape. When finished coating seams, find a safe place to remove nozzle and allow contents of applicator bottle to set up. Dispose of solidified materials in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local waste disposal regulations.

Repairing Coated Seams
If dirt gets into the wet seam coating within the first minute of applying the coating or if drops of the coating fall on the flooring other than at the seam, the coating can be wiped up immediately with a clean white cloth dampened with lighter fluid(naptha).

If dirt gets into partially dried seam coating or if dirt is not detected right away wait until coating has cured. Then using the sandpaper, carefully remove the dirty portions of seam coating and recoat the affected area using the applicator bottle or cotton swab to apply the mixture of Parts A and B.

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Updated on October 25, 2022