Rigid Core, LVT & VBT Flooring Limited Warranty

To access the current warranty for the products listed below, please click on the following link:

Bruce Rigid Core Warranty

Hartco Rigid Core and LVT Warranty

Robbins Rigid Core Warranty

AHF Contract Rigid Core, LVT, and VBT Warranty

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Footnotes to Warranty Period:
1. Warranty Periods indicated are in years from date of purchase.
2. An “X” means that the corresponding product is not intended for that use, and therefore, no warranty is provided.
3. For Commercial Installation Only: Utilizing an AHF-brand adhesive to install your AHF flooring will extend the Limited Warranty Period on your flooring as noted above.

Residential Installation
(Warranty Period)
Commercial Installation
AHF-Branded Adhesive
(Warranty Period)
Commercial Installation
AHF-Branded Adhesive
(Warranty Period)
Rigid Core
Lifeseal ReserveLifetime155
LifeSeal Trending Lifetime105
Lifeseal Classic 35XX
Lifeseal Classic Plus35XX
Rigid Core / LVT
Contract SPC Rigid CoreX155
Contract Loose Lay LVTX15X
Contract Dry Back LVTX15X
Contract VBTX15X
Everguard TrendingLifetime10X
Everguard Classic35XX
Everguard Classic Plus35XX
Rigid Core
Pro-Tekt ReserveLifetime155
Pro-Tekt TrendingLifetime105
Pro-Tekt Classic35XX
Pro-Tekt Classic Pro35XX
Rigid Core
Updated on January 11, 2023

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