Nails and Fasteners Used For Underlayment Boards

Subfloors & Underlayments

  • Ringshank nails are the best type for installing underlayment panels. These nails should have rings horizontally around the shank of the nail. The nailing pattern should be that of the manufacturer of the board. Nails should be set flush with the panel and not counter sunk.
  • Screw-type nails have rings that spiral on the shank of the nail and tend to back out when traffic occurs.
  • Adhesive, resin, or cement coated nails are not recommended by many manufacturers of underlayment panels. Some types of these nails will stain vinyl floors.
  • Divergent point or chisel point are the best type of staples to use for installing underlayment panels. The manual type stapler is better than the air powered type which tends to sink the staples too far into the panel. Staples should be set flush with the board.
Updated on August 16, 2022