AHF Contract Composed & Distinct Inlaid Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheet DATA SHEET

Product Information

Traffic Type: Commercial
Gauge: .080″ (2.0 mm)
Roll Length: 82.02′ (25 m)
Roll Width: 72.1″ (183.1 cm)
Wear Layer: 50 mil
Coverage Per Roll: 54.72 sq yd (45.75 sq m) (492.48 sq ft)
Shipping Weight: 291.9 lbs per roll (132.4 kg)
Rolls Per Pallet: 12
Finish: Urethane (Low Gloss)
Manufacturing Location: South Korea


5 Year Commercial Limited Warranty (With non-AHF Branded Adhesive)
10 Year Commercial Limited Warranty (With AHF Branded Adhesive)

Product Features

URETHANE FINISHUnmatched abrasion and scuff resistance
Superior stain resistance
Excellent slip resistance
WIDER WIDTH2.0 m (78.7″) width rolls are wider than standard 72″ width rolls
Less frequent seaming/heat weldiing
Faster installation
LOW MAINTENANCENo waxing or buffing
No sealers or finishes
Regular maintenance by damp mopping or auto-scrub minimizes maintenance costs
ENGINEERED FOR DURABILITY2.0 mm gauge construction provides a solid, durable, and stable floor
Withstands heavy rolling loads
No phthalates or heavy metals
FloorScore certified
AUTHENTIC LOOKS AND TEXTURESTrend-forward colors specifically for commercial interiors
APPLICATION VERSATILITYIdeal for use in Healthcare, Assisted Living, Education, Corporate, Hospitality, Retail and Institutional Interiors


AttributeTest ProtocolRequirementPerformance
ThicknessASTM F3862 mm Small Chip – Average 0.081˝ (2.057 mm)
2 mm Large Chip – Average 0.08˝ (2.032 mm)
Wear Layer ThicknessASTM F410≥ 0.050˝ (1.27 mm) – Type 11, Grade 1Passed
Residual IndentationASTM F1914≤ 0.007˝ (0.18 mm)Passed
Chemical ResistanceASTM F925No more than slight change in surface dulling, attack or stainingPassed
Resistance to HeatASTM F1514∆E < 8 avg., maxPassed
Resistance to LightASTM F1515ΔE < 8 avg., maxPassed
Static Load Resistance @ 175ASTM F970≤ 0.005˝Passed
Fire Test Data – Flame SpreadASTM E6480.45 W/cm2 or more Class 1Passed
Fire Test Data – Smoke EvolutionASTM E662450 or lessPassed
ADA Standards for Accessible DesignChapter 3, Section 302.1Floor surfaces shall be stable, firm and slip resistantPassed
Static Coefficient of Friction**ASTM D2047/UL 410≥ 0.5Passed


FloorScore Certificate – Sheet Flooring
LEED and WELL for Sheet Flooring
Declare Labels for Sheet Flooring
Health Product Declarations – Sheet Flooring
Environmental Product Declarations – Sheet Flooring

WELL v1FeaturesContribution
AirFeature 04 – VOC ReductionTested and third party certified by FloorScore as complying with CDPH v1.2
Well BeingFeature 97 – Material TransparencyReadily available Health Product Declaration (HPD) to 1000 ppm
Well BeingFeature 88 (Part 2) Biophilia I – QualitativeProducts available that incorporate nature patterns
Well BeingFeature 99 – Beauty and Design IIPatterns and colors to aid in wayfinding and spatial familiarity (Part 3)


Material Information Sheet


Commercial Sheet Vinyl Installation Instructions

Welding Rods for Sheet Flooring

S-761 Seam Adhesive

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Recommendations for Commercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Product Data Table

Composed & Distinct
Inlaid Heterogeneous
Pattern Number
VisualColorWeld Rod
1NL2M701ComposedAesthetic WhiteWN100
1NL2M702ComposedPlayful TanWN101
1NL2M703ComposedWell AppointedWN102
1NL2M704ComposedAwe InspiringWN103
1NL2M705ComposedVisionary StyleWN104
1NL2M706ComposedInfluencer GrayWN105
1NL2M707ComposedCool EdgeWN106
1NL2M708ComposedCrosswinds GrayWN107
1NL2M709ComposedRare EveningWN108
1NS2M701DistinctWinter BlastWN109
1NS2M702DistinctColorful StyleWN110
1NS2M703DistinctEclectic TanWN111
1NS2M704DistinctSerenity RulesWN112
1NS2M705DistinctUrban SelectionWN113
1NS2M706DistinctMinimalist GrayWN114
1NS2M707DistinctDreamy WayWN115
1NS2M708DistinctNight SkyWN116
1NS2M709DistinctDesign SavvyWN117
Composed & Distinct
Inlaid Heterogeneous
Pattern Number
VisualColorWeld Rod

The table below offers recommended substitutes for the Armstrong Flooring Corlon™ collection.

Armstrong Flooring
AHF Contract 
Composed & Distinct
AHF Contract 
Composed & Distinct
Design/ColorModel NumberColorModel NumberColorModel Number
Anthracite88700Crosswinds Gray1NL2M708
Granite Gray88701Cool Edge1NL2M707
White Cliffs88702Playful Tan1NL2M702
Desert Sand88703Well Appointed1NL2M703
Stone Harbor88704Awe Inspiring1NL2M704
Devon Beige88705
Sandstone88713Awe Inspiring1NL2M704
Otter Gray88717Influencer Gray1NL2M706Visionary Style1NL2M705
Porcelain88724Well Appointed1NL2M703
Fall Brown88727Well Appointed1NL2M703Well Appointed1NL2M703
Blue Yonder88729Rare Evening1NL2M709Rare Evening1NL2M709
Light Gold88731Well Appointed1NL2M703Well Appointed1NL2M703
Updated on March 14, 2023

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